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  1. The icons in the menu bar are messed up. Screenshot attached.
  2. +1 on this complaint. It's super-annoying. Once was enough. If I don't want to use a feature, what difference does it make to Evernote? The pop-up makes me *less* likely to upgrade. Please fix!
  3. Can anyone tell me how email notifications work in chat? I understand that when a chat is created, the recipient gets an email. This makes sense. But what about notifications for successive chats? If the recipient responds, and then I respond a day later -- or return to the chat but attach a new note -- it seems like the recipient does not get an email. This doesn't make sense. Most of my collaborators are not regular Evernote users, so they won't get a badge. If they don't get an email notification, then there's no way they'll know that I'm trying to chat with them. I'd prefer not to send the link in a regular email because I like the chat function -- I just think it would be nice if recipients had a way of finding out that they've been sent a chat. I welcome thoughts. Thank you.
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