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  1. Thanks ! But the reminders apply to whole notes , what i had envisioned was a list within a note i saw your post too... Its one way to do it , but yeah , you'd have a seperate note for each task , and then a Notebook for each say Project or Assignment, but you coudnt group beyong that See i have notebooks for a few projects im working on in y company , and for example i have a note "Bugs & errors", in which i have a checklist of stuff that needs to be sorted out i'd really appreciate a To-Do list type of Note here thanks again for your advice
  2. I just thought of a feature that would make Evernote way more useful for me , and maybe even replace a few more apps in my App drawer Just like "Handwriting" and "Audio Note" ,it would be nice to have a to-do list option two ,in which a to-do list with checkmarks would be generated, and (this is where it goes beyond the regular check box option) , when you check mark an item it would automatically get striked out and move to the end of the list . this would serve the function that many to-do list apps do, within Evernote, eliminating the need for them ( for a few of us at least) What do you guys think?
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