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  1. After a long period of on-again off-again performance, Web Clipper has been working perfectly for me in Safari for quite a while now. I've got the latest version of Evernote and the latest version of OSX and IOS. It was really frustrating when it didn't work because I use EN a lot. Sorry I can't think of any suggestions...
  2. Funny, Wikipedia pages clipped on first attempt for me. I just tried it. In fact, I've noticed more pages are working on first clip-click in the last couple of weeks. When they don't, the 2nd click almost always does it. I still don't have confidence that all is well but lately I am never stopped from clipping anything.
  3. Thanks. I appreciate the acknowledgement of the problem and the approximate time for a fix.
  4. I deleted the old Clipper extension using Safari preferences and downloaded the new one, re-started Safari and now the Clipper is working as before. Thanks for the fix. It's baaack! MInd you, double tap or sometimes triple tap on the EN icon in the Safari browser seems to make it work again as it did before. I can live with this but it is certainly not elegant. I'm also bothered about the lack of acknowledgement of the problem by EN. I would like to see the following questions addressed officially by EN: Do you believe there is a problem within EN regarding web-clipping in Safari? If yes, what do you believe are the most likely causes and are you addressing them. If not, please explain why not. The people in this forum are all operating in good faith and want to help you improve your product where we are finding it weak/buggy. Please respect us by addressing our concerns in a meaningful way.
  5. I deleted the old Clipper extension using Safari preferences and downloaded the new one, re-started Safari and now the Clipper is working as before. Thanks for the fix.
  6. I just tried clipping an email from gmail in my Safari browser and you are correct, it doesn't work. However, 2 of the workarounds suggested here did work. 1) print ->pdf -> save to evernote, and 2) clicking the elephant icon in the browser 2 times. The first time it says it can't copy, the 2nd time it pops up the web clipper. Not ideal, but workable.
  7. Web clipper on Safari has a problem recently. For me the problem started a couple of weeks ago. Two workarounds have been suggested in other discussion groups. 1) when on a web page you want to save, right click on your mouse and you should see several 'save to evernote' options: full page, screen or bookmark. This works but has the disadvantage of not allowing you to select the notebook it goes into so it will appear in your default notebook. 2) try clicking the elephant head icon in the browser (not the one on the very top line of the screen, click the one that's on the same level as the address bar). If the first time you get a popup msg saying it can't clip the page, try clicking it a 2nd or 3rd time and it will work. Both of these fixes work for me although clearly there is some sort of bug that will hopefully get worked out over time.
  8. That works for me too. A good intermediate fix until Evernote fixes this. Thanks Dees.
  9. But it can't be the CSP policy causing the web clipper refusal message because right now every page in Safari 8.0.4 is getting the same rejection when I click the elephant head. That includes this page, apple.com pages, etc. That would suggest that he Safari web clipper is looking for something too common on which to base its' rejection. As others have noted the problem does not exist with Chrome but Safari is my preferred browser. Thanks you vas for your right-click suggestion. That copies the page to evernote and even subsequently the elephant head selection gets rejected.
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