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  1. I think that Boostnote is absolutely great, but it's not directly comparable to Evernote since it has no synchronization capabilities nor iOS applications. It's a fantastic alternative for very simple needs though.
  2. Yeah, I've look at Alternote before, but so far it's available for macOS only. Looks neat though.
  3. Welcome to "Whose Evernote Is It", where the marginally-useful features are made up on the spot and the votes for the relevant ones don't matter!
  4. Yeah, that's good stuff right there. I can't use it as they don't (yet) have a Windex version, but I've read nothing but good things about it. Some food for though, though: Alternote will only work until such time as Evernote locks down their APIs... </tinfoil_hat>
  5. Well, the Evernote team seems to be interesting in pushing everything that's accessory to a note-taking program Web clippings! Kitchen sink! Razor blades!.... but no dark theme.
  6. Office at least gives you some measure of control, you can have a grey theme: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Change-the-Office-theme-B2098F8A-AAC8-4646-9CF0-7C91D1284DA6
  7. Weird, either that new feature is only for the Mac version, or I'm not seeing where I can configure the sidebar.
  8. Preamble: this rant below is not directed at Evernote or any single company in specific, it's a general thing. We went over this a few posts back in the thread. Personally, I've taken to calling this fad "non-design", and it's currently being followed by the holy trifecta of Apple, Google, and Microsoft (to name a few). That is, it's fake pretentious hipster-y b.s. using almost non-descript icons with little in the way of colors, shapes, or shading, little to no contrast, and passes itself as "flat" and "modern", all the while it just makes things harder to read and locate at a glance. A few examples: recent Gmail, iOS 7/8 vs. iOS 6, any Office since v2010, etc. I am hoping that we're going to see a "whiplash" effect to compensate, using a little more color and hopefully finding a middle ground before "old" and "new". In fact, the latest iterations of Android and Windows 10 are heading back in that direction - and iOS 8.x too, to some extent.
  9. OSX only. Darn. Well, one to keep an eye on in case a Win version is ever made.
  10. Your suggestion of f.lux was pretty good, and while I can't speak for everyone else, I appreciated it. As for other stuff being white, that's true enough, but you have to keep in mind that Evernote is an app that I intend to have open and stare at for a long time (in my specific case, on a secondary monitor), usually with not-so-big fonts to avoid too much scrolling. However, rather obviously, I couldn't care less if it was something I only looked at for a couple minutes at a time, like this forum. Another thing that doesn't go well with the white background are gray/black icons, which to me just make it harder to tell apart (at least it's not grey on white like some Office stuff). But that's probably another discussion entirely, as I have a strong dislike for the recent fad of "super flat" design with nonsensical single-color icons in Windows 8+, Office 10+, iOS 7+, etc. That stuff is just plain harder to look at for long periods of time.
  11. Dimming the screen is easy in whatever system. And while f.lux is good stuff, dimming the whole screen just because of Evernote is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. No issues in other apps, and Evernote seems to be adding marginally use features instead of this one that a lot of people want.
  12. Chiming in with the "dark theme" crowd. Got here after a Google Search, go figure. You may think "what was the first thing you did after installing Evernote"? And the answer, as you can imagine, is look for a darker theme. I code all day and occasionally using stuff with a white background is fine, but I always keep my notes in my second monitor so all that glare is a no-go for me.
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