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  1. I have the exact same issue, been using Evernote for 3+ years now. Premium subscriber for 2+ true evangelist of the product, turned 100+ people onto it. It *was* my go to application, open 24/7 on OSX and iPhone. This bug, which I've experienced since v6.0.x, and/or Yosemite makes the core Evernote product COMPLETELY UNUSABLE.. I have close to 5,000 notes and it will be a real pain to port them but if I can't even type a new note faster than the "throttled" 5wpm, what is the point? Seriously, we're talking at heart about a TEXT NOTE application that has UNRESPONSIVE TYPING. ?!?!?!!? FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY. FREEZE PRODUCT UNTIL IT IS FIXED.
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