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  1. Out team uses paste as text on a daily basis. Now pasting simply does not do anything. Since we updated to Windows 10 we have Onenote. A bad (but free) product but - at the moment- way better than the broken Evernote Windows Client. If they don't give us the "Paste as Text" feature back we will quit our subscription.
  2. I use Paste as Text on a daily basis. The new version disabled this feature. Now there is Paste and Match. And Paste and Match does not work. When I copy from Windows Application X and then try to paste the content into Evernote with Paste and Match simply NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing is pasted. It maybe works with a different app as source but this is not relevant to me. When I then switch to Notepad++ (Ascii Editor) and insert the content there, I get the text content pasted at once without any problem. From there I can re-copy that content to the clipboard and paste it finally into Evernote. But this is a workaround only for 1 or 2 days. This is my (our, we are a team of 7) daily work. So please give back this feature ASAP.
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