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  1. Anyway, I am sure this has to do with some keyword based censoring, Nothing happens on the support front, I am using Windows 7 home premium edition SP1. It is clearly a database issue since, after making a full clean of the installation including deleting all databases, and reinstalling, if I test it on a demo account, it works just fine, As soon as I log into my account and it starts restoring from Evernote servers it goes, before the end of the synch, to "fatal error" and then after everytime I run evernote it goes straight into "Fatal Error". I would imagine, Evernote would not want people to know that they can't trust Evernote servers, but obviously either they are not in a hurry or it is a serious problem. -bu
  2. When trying to post it says : "Sorry, an error has occurred. Your post contains suspected spam." I can't believe it.
  3. I can't believe it. I am trying to post an answer in which I tell my opinion on Evernote. And the system refuses to post it. It claims my post contains "potential spam". My god I am identified on the forum, how could it be spam ? Is it possible that they censor customer messages ?
  4. Hi, I am stuck with the European Customer Service for 2 weeks. I have excactly the same problem. I have sent my logs, Uninstalled with Revounistaller millions of time as per customer service request. Nothing happens the issue remains. Last week, Cust rep told me the developpers were working on it... . It is unbelievable that Evernote can live a premium account un such a situation. I am pretty sure that the problem occured during the process of upgrading to version Evernote_5.8.4.6870. My ticket number is Ticket# 985111. Hope that I can get some kind of help here. Best regards. -bu
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