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  1. Agreed! If we have to pay Premium pricing to customize this Home Dashboard, we really should get a lot more flexibility in how to customize it. I adamantly refuse to upgrade my account until they fix this!
  2. As much as I hate the fact that I have to upgrade my account just to "customize" the Home Dashboard, since I have to live with it, maybe you would consider fixing a couple of the widgets so the board would actually be a useful tool. If there was an "Reminders" widget so I could see all the alerts coming soon, that might be helpful! Why would that not have already been considered? If there was a way to make a widgets out of specific folders (i.e. ones I use a lot) that might make me like it. Just makes sense to me, especially if you think "suggesting" notes would be useful (really?) So, if anyone else thinks these enhancements would improve the Home Dashboard, join this discussion and if we can get this fixed, I would probably be agreeable to almost DOUBLING the amount I currently pay, just to make this adorable-to-look-at-but-totally-disfunctional Home Dashboard something I can live with.
  3. While this new home page is very pretty and looks slick and useful, having to pay an extra $30/year to customize it so it works for me is ABSURD! Not having my shortcuts or reminders as a widget I can set up when I already pay $37.00 a year renders this new screen useless...
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