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  1. It appears since yesterday's update to app I can not edit notes. I open a note Click edit Make changes or additions Click the check mark as done Displays "note not saved" message Reopen and it is same as oringinal App version 8.6.1 Samsung s8+ up to date. I tried clearing cache, deleting app data the. Uninstall-reinstall.... still can not edit some old notes. I seem to be able to make new notes, and edit them on the device. Very strange... I also have the weird typing issue I see is brought up in another thread. Thanks Joel
  2. Hello, sometime after Aug 18th and Aug 20th my android chrome clips have pop ups that cover content in the clip. Any thing I can change to fix it? I use mainly for recipes so here is one link: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017348-the-best-roast-beef-for-sandwiches They have you cooked this pop up is on the clips now but wasn't before Aug 18th. They do not show up on my phone either. Thanks for any help Joel
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