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  1. Hey, Dave-in-Decatur (or I should say GENIUS Dave-in-Decatur, your workaround was successful. I copied and pasted the text in the bad boy note and pasted it into a new note. I was able to open that new note on my Android phone. Thanks very much.
  2. Dave-in-Decatur, thanks for your quick and helpful response. The good news is that I followed Rich Tener's suggestion, and the sync function on my Windows desktop XP program is working again. The bad news is that one of my notes is that when I open one of my notes on my Android cell phone, I receive this message:" Note Edit error Oops! There is a system error. We'll close Evernote now to resolve the problem. If the issue persists, try restarting your device." And here's what's frustrating. The Note Edit error message is in the foreground and I can see that the note I'm trying to open is visible in the background, but I can't access it. I have several other notes in Evernote, and when I open those on my cell phone, there's no problem. The issue on the one note is persisting, even after I have restarted the device.
  3. When I press the sync button, the wheel spins but changes are not made and an exclamation mark on a red background appears. Any suggestions?
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