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  1. Seems simple enough but I cannot merge two notebooks into one. Please advise. Thanks
  2. I have read all of the posts concerning this issue as well as experiencing them first hand. I paid Neat $50 to receive their Premium Support package and secret phone number. I waited on hold for 25 minutes for their support staff to answer (out sourced to Philippines). I received the same verbal response that they were working on this after many attempts trying to update to their latest software. I really don't believe I should have to pay for the support when there is no resolution. In an attempt to fix the scanning to Evernote problem, I deactivated my Evernote account and then set it up again. It required a new email and not my Evernote account is telling me my free trial has expired. I was formerly a Premium member and would like to get this staus reinstated. It was not expiring until sometime in Spring of 2017. Evernote has ignored two written requests to date. Please advise if anyone can help with this.
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