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  1. I've invested all this content and effort into your platform with the understanding that you would eventually bring in the ability to use basic information visualization tools, but you still don't even have basic word processing tools.
  2. Look, we users clearly need this change, multiple highlight colors is not a trivial detail. Highlighting helps me to actively think about what I'm reading, and I can barely, barely, barely make out the faint yellow the developers chose - especially in dark (inverted colours) mode. The highlighting feature is useless, not in small part because of the damn color they chose. How hard can it be to add even a limited palette of colors? And if we feel held captive to the developers, how long before a switch to competitors like Notion becomes necessary? Perhaps the culture of innovation at Evernote is beginning to stagnate if they are reluctant to respond to even a basic change like this.
  3. Like Scott above, I'm Canadian, obviously. He points out that it seems only fair to change our price when the Canadian dollar falls against the USD. That would seem fair if the price then fell for us when our currency rises against the USD, but that doesn't ever seem to happen. When we were recently at parity or above the USD I noticed that our prices didn't adjust for US goods unless there was a currency exchange involved, in which case someone is pocketing a percentage of our money under our nose without clearly disclosing how much (it can easily be 3-5%). Well, I am voting with my Canadian dollar. I like Evernote, I use Evernote, but I've cancelled my premium subscription as of today, after reading this forum. If they are going to raise the price they can give me clear warning, as many other businesses do, especially when I'm on autopay with them. This business of being stealthily nickle-and-dimed for the difference in our currency leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Why should we be singled out for discrimination? I don't need a bunch of monkeys with a hand in my autopay pocket, I need professional businesses that are above board with me, businesses that don't conduct themselves like corporate sociopaths. I have cancelled autopay subscriptions before and I suspect that this is the same for a lot of Canadians. We are a nation of fiscally-responsible savers, we're well wired to social networks, and, while we do tend to be understanding, we're not stupid. Changing the price and hoping we won't notice or talk about it is a good way to lose a reputation.
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