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  1. Essential addition. This functionality is now apparent in nearly every note editing / creation / mailing software today. A big miss
  2. The ability to copy and paste the formatting of another part of the text (colour, font, size, spacing etc) is something that is incredibly useful in other word processing products, and the inclusion of a similar function would be greatly appreciated! (apologies if a duplicate post, couldn't find one in the forum archive)
  3. Interesting, wasnt away of this app. To be honest, I use Evernote mainly on my PC with use on my android devices quite minimal, and mainly to review note and to add quick notes. So whilst Swipes looks nice if your ecosystem is mainly device based, am not sure it's quite what I'm after being a PC user. Again filtering using the search function is nice but doesn't give a conclusive list to work through across multiple notes. I can only eally envisage Evernote adding an enhancement that really would make the service an app management leader but as the comment noted later down the post, they have endorsed the Swipes app so I doubt this will materialise.... annoyingly. Thanks all for the replies
  4. The checkbox 'to do' is a great feature but the ability to see all to do's across all notes / notebooks would be a fantastic feature. So you would want the ability to: Add a to-do to that specific note (and for it to live only in that note)Add an additional criteria (different type of to-do? secondary click?) to a to-do that can be tracked outside of the note in context, to a master 'To-do / Task List'
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