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  1. I found the fix, looks like my iMac had changed the default app to open pdf's with Preview which will not save changes to pdf back to Evernote. In fact, Wondershare and none of the other pdf editors I tried would allow changes back to Evernote, only Adobe Acrobat Pro does this as far as I know. Here are the steps to change default app back to Acrobat: How to change the default Mac app for specific file types Right-click on a file that uses the file type you'd like to change the default for. ... Click on Get Info in the pop-up. Click Open With if the section isn't already expanded. ... Click the dropdown menu. Click the app you want to use. ... Don't forget to click Change All...
  2. When I double click a pdf in Evernote, it's opening Preview on my iMac instead of Adobe Acrobat like it use to a couple of days ago. In the past, I was able to edit a document in Adobe Acrobat and Save back to Evernote. I made sure it is the default pdf program on my iMac.
  3. Yes DTLow that is exactly what I meant, Notion, does not have this feature yet.
  4. I have a solution, switch to Notion, it looks ten times better, completely customizable, tons of cool features, the ONLY thing it does not do is scan PDF's. If you need to scan PDF content, you're stuck with Evernote, but Notion is working on this feature.
  5. Yes, please, tables without calculations is not very useful.
  6. +1 I agree, please add this feature. It's so frustrating and time-consuming to have to format each section separately. Also, how do you vote here, I'm clicking the up arrow over 11 and it won't increase the vote count?
  7. Your right NeatUser, I tried a second time and re-authorized Evernote and viola it worked!!! Thanks for the heads up NeatUser!!!
  8. I installed the update but still NOT able to add the Evernote destination
  9. Yike got to look into the Mac problems! Yes the Neat has a great small receipt chute, but I like Evernote more than I like the small chute. I just don't know why they can't get it together to fix this problem, crazy man!
  10. Yes this is taking too long I think it's time to switch to the ScanSnap ix500. Anyone try this scanner yet?
  11. Thank you for taking the time to post a workaround @TheWorldIsEnding it works great!!! I tried to use my WebMail from Godaddy and it did NOT work using the smtp credentials I use to login with this email, BUT, I was able to send to my Gmail, ONLY AFTER receiving an email from Gmail that they had blocked an attempt from a 'Less secure app', with a link to allow access to less secure apps. So when you initially try to setup Gmail on the NeatConnect Scanner you will get a connection error, just go to your Gmail email and click the link 'allowing access to less secure apps', then try again and it will work!! Thanks again my friend. If you don't have a Gmail account and don't want to set one up, you might want to call Godaddy and ask them why Neat Scanner is getting blocked, and how to allow access from this device like Gmail allows.
  12. I do have both phones iPhone 6 and Android s7 Edge, and their is a huge difference in the documents scanner. I spoke to Evernote support and they mentioned they are working on it, but if more people don't complain there will always be more important projects. I scan all my documents for business and this is a HUGE disappointment. I am now using Tiny Scanner to scan and send to Evernote, but it is quite an insult when Apple, with a smaller user base, get's the better app. Not to mention the IOS version has more features like zoom. Here is a receipt I scanned with Android and the same receipt with IOS:
  13. I cold handedly agree with Bryanne, Evernote PLEASE work on this feature! I tried to use the new Table of Contents feature but it has problems when I share the link with non-Evernote users. It would be great to hyperlink to those points way down the document, hope it's on your list. Would also love to see Evernote create a UserVoice account so we can vote on what we think is most important to give you a point of reference on what to add next.
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