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  1. I've never posted here but was guided here with the price increases. I'm willing to pay the price increase if Evernote would focus on what is the most important part of the app: the note taking editor. It's crazy how I've used Evernote for years but the note taking abilities have languished. OneNote feels so great in comparison even though I very much dislike the freeform note writing. Please focus on Evernote becoming a pleasure to use. Please update the typography, spacing, etc--make it look like I'm typing a masterpiece and not using Notepad. Please add a dark theme that's easier on the eyes if you type notes all day. I don't care about Work Chat or Presentation Mode... nobody I know uses these features. We use Evernote as a much easier note taking app than Notepad[++], Word, or random online things. Reduce or hide the cruft... just focus on the main part of the app: the notes! ....the reason I came to it in the first place!
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