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  1. Hi JMichael, My KM macros are as simple as they get - copy to clipboard, clipboard transform (upper, lower, titlecase) and paste. That's it ... 3 steps. KM exhibits the same behavior with Word 2016 but does work as expected with TextEdit in rich text mode. I have posted my experience to the KM forum without feedback. Peter Lewis has also replied to me personally (great support) assuring me that he does not have the same problem in Word 2016 (he does not use Evernote so he can't confirm there). Do you have any problems with KM and Word or do your KM macros work there as well? I'm at a loss and wondering if there's some arcane setting on my computer that needs to be set in order for my font info not to be lost. I'm running the latest version of everything and other than Alfred, I don't have anything else running in the background. Disabling Alfred and restarting does not fix the problem either. Any suggestions appreciated. Malcolm
  2. Hi JMichael, I'm new to KM as well. Are you having any problems with your KM macros losing the font name in Evernote? I'm running the latest version of Mac Evernote under El Capitan. All my KM macros work as expected except for their results being formatted with the Times font regardless of the source's font. Even the most simple upper or lower case macros "paste" their result in a Times font. As a test to see if something else was interfering with my clipboard, I tested the trial version of PopClip and all of its clipboard transforms return results with the correct (original) font. Can you confirm that your KM macros don't lose their source content's font ... or are your KM macros forcing a specific font? Thank you, Malcolm[z
  3. My upgrade to Evernote 6.1 required me to uninstall and re-install Evernote (from Evernote directly) in order to run the latest version of Evernote on my MacBook. In the process I lost the Evernote browser plugins I had previously installed in Safari and Chrome. Now I would like to re-install my missing browser plugins but I can't remember which one(s) I was using. Embarrassed to say that I used these plugins on both browsers but only have the muscle memory of clicking and using - I can't actually remember the plugin names or even which ones I used. Appreciate any suggestions on which plugins I should install for which browsers and where I should go to find these plugins. Thank you!
  4. My workflow typically involves capturing small screenshot or web page image on my clipboard that I insert into the body of a new Evernote note, add a custom title, set the note's URL (if image is from a web page), and drag to my @Support notebook. I'm looking for a way to automate this workflow with Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, and/or AppleScript ... ideally with the ability to run this workflow from my current app without having to switch over to Evernote and then back to my current app. Using AppleScript, I have been successful in creating new notes and setting the note's URL property. My challenge is figuring out to paste the clipboard image into this new note that's being programmatically created. It doesn't appear that Evernote supports a way to do this via its create note AppleScript command. I've been looking for a way to programmatically save the clipboard image to a file and then reference this file as the note's body when creating the note but I have been unable to find a way to do this. OS X's pbpaste command line utility only works with clipboard text - not images. I'm thinking that Keyboard Maestro (KM) might be a better way to go but I'm new to this product and can't figure out how to do this. If going the KM route, I'm thinking that I should create a note in a new window, somehow set its URL and notebook, fill in the title myself and then just close the note. Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. Is there a technique that would allow me to create a hyperlink in an Evernote note to either of the following: 1. A specific contact in my Apple OS X Contacts (or 3rd party address book) ??? 2. A specific event on my Apple OS X Calendar (or 3rd party calendar app) ??? I've been looking for the following without success: 1. A url-scheme like contact:// or event:// 2. Command line parameters that would allow me to start these apps and activate a specific item I'm also open to AppleScript suggestions as well.
  6. Is there a way to determine how much space a specific note, a specific notebook, a specific stack, or an entire account is using?
  7. Is there a way to change image contrast and brightness? Some of my images seem to get over-exposed regardless of my flash setting. I'm looking for a way to override Scannable's contrast/brightness decisions in the same way I can manually override the crop points.
  8. Wondering if there's a way to change the order of captured images? Example: I'm using Scannable to inventory my book collection and am taking pictures of book front and back covers. Sometimes I notice that my front cover image is not so hot and I would like to re-shoot it after I've captured by back cover image. Retaking the front cover puts the new cover image in back of the back cover image. When I delete my original front cover image, my back cover is now my first image followed by my front cover. Is there some way I can drag the 2nd page of my scan to re-position it as the first page? Right now I have to delete my back cover and re-shoot it as well in order to have my cover images in the proper order.
  9. With the recent updates to the iOS Evernote client's camera capabilities I'm confused about when I should use Scannable and when I should use my iOS Evernote client to capture images? The functionality of Scannable seems(?) to be fully encompassed in the iOS Evernote client. Am I missing something?
  10. I have the same need for a Speech-to-Text utility to transcribe my voice memos (MP3 files placed in a specific folder) to text. I looked at Dragon Dictate for Mac and found the application unreliable/brittle and without an interface that would allow me to automate conversion of my voice memos to text. I've also searched for cloud services that do the same without success. Curious what others are doing in this area.
  11. I'm using Scannable from an iPhone 6 Plus to create an inventory of my book library. I capture 2 images per book (front and back cover) and store each scan as a PDF. I've captured about 100 PDF's so far and all but one note shows a thumbnail of the first page of the PDF in the Snippet view. However, I have one note whose PDF shows up as a generic PDF thumbnail (see attached PNG image) vs. a first page thumbnail. Any idea how I can get this note's thumbnail image to refresh to the first page of its attached PDF? All my PDF's are show inline vs. collapsed. There's nothing special (that I can see) about the note in question.
  12. Is there a way to change font color via the keyboard vs. having to use the mouse to select a color from the popup color dialog? I'm also struggling with a way to have the popup color dialog remember specific color selections in the palette at the bottom of the color dialog.
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