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  1. Exciting! I'm too chicken to try the beta, but looking forward to using the production version of this feature. Thanks for the update!
  2. I'm the original poster. The forum won't let me click the up-arrow on my post.
  3. +1 As an alternative: Better color mapping choices when Evernote is running in dark mode. There's no reason highlighting can't remain yellow in dark mode. On my dark mode system, highlighting shows up as a difficult to read brown. I'm disappointed this made it past Evernote QA.
  4. Wondering if anyone else is seeing the following behavior: I'm running Evernote 7.7 (the latest as of Jan 2019) under macOS Mojave configured for Dark Mode. My notes are also displayed in Evernote Dark Mode. Highlighted text (normally black text with a yellow background) is displayed as white text on a brown background. I find this very difficult to read. Is this behavior native to macOS Mojave's Dark Mode or is Evernote trying to automagically remap foreground and background colors? If the latter, is there a way to customize these color mapping choices? Note: I tried creating my own custom highlighted text using the EverTool editor mentioned in recent threads and the text that it generates has its colors oddly mapped when pasted into a note as well. Goal: Have yellow highlighted text that renders the same under Light or Dark modes.
  5. Evernote appears to cache the first (?) image added to a note and displays a thumbnail of this image in various lists of notes including the Snippet View. 1. When you add an image to a note and then delete the image, the deleted image's thumbnail still remains with the note. Is there any way to clear this cached image from a note? Creating a new note, copying the note's contents to the new note, and then deleting the original note is one technique ... but this breaks links to the original note. 2. If you have multiple images in a note is there a way to force a specific image to be the source of the note's thumbnail image vs having the note's thumbnail image default to the first image inserted in a note (that's a guess) or a random image within the note? 3. Sometimes I have notes with an image and the image doesn't seem to produce a note thumbnail. Is there a reason for this, eg. some min/max image size, color resolution, or image file format?
  6. I just received a great Evernote editor recommendation from @DTLow: Appstore: EverTool is a $5 3rd party editor available from the Mac App Store that addresses a lot of Evernote's editor's shortcomings. A detailed description of EverTool can be found here (by the EverTool developer). The tradeoff of using EverTool is that you have to manually copy and paste text between Evernote and EverTool and then back again. Not the end-of-the-world, but certainly something that might be automated via tools like Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, Alfred, or similar utilities? Wondering if any of you gurus have built something like this and would be willing to share your handiwork? Thank you!
  7. @DTLow: Thank you very much for the EverTool ($5) recommendation. I just purchased this product. I'm going to open up a new thread on this product.
  8. Wondering if there's a way to customize the color of Evernote's yellow text highlight? I searched Preferences but came up empty. I'm asking because yellow highlighting looks great when rendered in macOS Light Mode but under macOS Dark Mode highlighting gets rendered as a brownish color that's difficult to read.
  9. Just upgraded to 7.7 and my entire Evernote UI went dark mode. Preferences provides a way to disable dark mode for notes, I'm hoping there's a way to disable dark mode entirely. My problem with dark mode: Yellow highlighting renders as brown and is difficult to read. Running in 1/2 light mode (notes) and 1/2 dark mode is ugly and difficult to read.
  10. Looking for a way to configure Evernote or macOS so that page up and page down keys move the caret (text cursor) when scrolling up or down in Evernote note text windows. The default behavior of macOS appears to be to just scroll the screen but not move the caret/cursor. I'm open to a Keyboard Maestro solution. I've tried editing the ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultkeyBinding.dict as follows and then restarting my system but without success. { /* page up/down with moving insertion point, caret */ "\UF72C" = "pageUp:"; "\UF72D" = "pageDown:"; } I'm running the latest version of macOS and Evernote. I'm also using Logitech K750 keyboard but I'm getting same results on native MacBook keyboard as well. Thank you, Malcolm
  11. Thank you very much for that follow-up. I was driving myself crazy thinking that the problem was related to something that I had done on my side. I'm also the paid $70/year plan.
  12. I just upgraded to Mojave and Evernote results are no longer showing up in Spotlight. Spotlight is working fine. Has anyone gotten Evernote and Spotlight working together under Mojave?
  13. Is there a way to have notebook specific sort orders in the view pane? If not, does anyone else think this would be a useful feature?
  14. I'm running 7.0.3 on a recent MacBook Pro with 16Gb. Latest MacOS, etc. Adding a bullet after a bullet list highlights the list above and removes color formatting. This behavior happens regardless of whether the bullet is added via the Format menu, toolbar, or keystroke short cut. Anyone else seeing this behavior or have a workaround?
  15. I'm seeing the same behavior on my iPad as well. Anyone seeing something similar?
  16. Thanks Davor - card view works but it would be great to see original problem fixed by Evernote.
  17. Clever idea, but disabling my network connection did not eliminate the annoying screen updates. I'm running the same version of Mac OS as you.
  18. Is there a configuration option that I'm missing (either via the user interface or via a Terminal level setting) that would allow me to disable the Evernote editor's desire to format all my website addresses and email addresses as hyperlinks? I understand that this is a common behavior in other applications - but in other applications one can disable this behavior.
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