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  1. March 2015 now. Has been using evernote since 2012. It was a good working simple note program. Good old days. Then I started to experience sync issues between devices-PC-web programs. Addressed this issue several times to EN, no luck. I believe many user fed up with EN problems, but people just don't have a choice.I tried to find other similar programs, unfortunately there's nothing out there that I like compare to EN. It took 2 years for EN to fix the sync issue on multiple platform. I agree about recent updates effecting EN performance. Perhaps EN try their best to fix those bugs, but it may be over their limit now. I've been experiencing the many text became BOLD-text every time I open the note on different devices & platform. Again it only happened recently. Also EN slow and unresponsive for the past few months. I thought it was my computer. Then I found the same when I use different devices & OS' (notebook, smart phone, ipads). I am wondering, if a note program like EN is so popular and useful, why there's no company out there who even close try to compete with EN and create a better, useful, simple and reliable software?!?
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