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  1. I actually had to reset my phone, so evernote was re-installed. The same problem occurs. Right before I take the picture the picture is very clear on screen. Then once I tap the shutter the image quickly blurs from refocusing than takes a few seconds and then shows in the next screen. The picture shown is very blurry and "inhanced" to the point where you can barely see any text at all. The attached pictures show an example, this is the best I've got so far. most of the time it comes out much worse. Before it worked perfectly.
  2. Hi all, I started using the business card scanning feature earlier this year and love it. Today I went and tried to scan 3 business cards and now the app fails every time. Basically the business card looks very clear in the "view finder" and then I take the picture, wait a few seconds, and then the picture EN uses is all blurring and out of focus to the point of not being able to read anything. I can take pictures of the card with my normal camera and everything is perfectly clear. EN app seems to be refocusing right after pressing the shutter button and the picture is taken during this re-focus. But it used to work fine. Any ideas of what's happening or what to do to fix it? I'm running Android 5.0 on an LG G3. Thanks for the help!
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