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  1. The only thing in the note is that single PDF. The original file uploads into any note just fine. It's only after I highlight a bunch of text within EN iOS that I get the size error. The original file is just slightly smaller than the 42MB, so it's not like my annotations are taking up that much space within the PDF. -EM
  2. I have a PDF file that I have been slowly adding annotations to for a few days. Almost all highlighting. When I tried to sync the note this last time I got the error "note size is too big to sync". Checked the file and it's just over 42MB!! Shouldn't I have a 200MB note limit as a premium user!! After deleting a bit of my last work, I was able to get the note to save, but I can't continue to do any work with the file now. Anyone else run into this problem of your note size limit kicking in way too low and how to get around this? I've already put in a ticket with EN support, but I don't expect
  3. Evernote tech support seem to be aware of the issue and are looking to it's cause. They said they were aware of the issue while saving annotated document, but not while reading or annotating. I put in a full system trace report and sent them the PDF in question to help them narrow down this new cause. The more examples they have to work from the better the chances of them finding a timely solution. So PLEASE PLEASE put in an official ticket and jump through the few hoops they ask for. Make sure to reference my ticket number(# 2184492) so they can hopefully group all this together! -EM
  4. With this last iOS release I've been randomly getting this "No Document Set" error while annotating PDFs. Screen goes light grey and an outline of a document icon with a question mark in the middle pops up with the text "No document set" below. (Screen-shot attached.) I have been unable to locate a way to exit this error and am forced to force-quit EN, loosing any work I have done since my last save. Getting really annoying constantly loosing work. I've already deleted/reloaded EN and its data and resynced everything as it has magically fixed some past issues and the problem still persists wit
  5. The community can't do anything about straight-up bugs in their code. Work-arounds simply don't exist for most of these bugs, unless just not using advertised premium features can be considered a work-around. I'm simply enquiring if anyone knows of any additional support channels when the "proper" ticket based support fails. -EM
  6. Long-time premium EN subscriber. I have a pile of unresolved tickets that reach back as far as July 2016. Evernote has confirmed that each of these tickets are fully reproducible bug in their iOS application without any type of available work-around. I can never seem to get a straight answer when or if a fix will be in the works. They say they need to contact the development team and I never hear back. Am I just stuck in this sick cycle of my monthly plea for bug fixes, or is there some other avenue that I should explore? -EM
  7. I'm guessing then you are a Evernote fan-boy. "Evernote can not do wrong", right? Getting in communication with support/development and the support/development having half a cue are two VERY different things. I have four easily reproducible bug tickets currently unresolved. One of those goes back to late July 2016 (ticket #1746790 if anyone cares). It's likely some combination of incompetence, simply not enough support/development staff for the workload, and apathetic staff. I've worked on both the support and development side of software and hardware so I know standards that can be met
  8. EdH, you would be incorrect. I've been top level paying member for going on 4 years. I wouldn't be putting up a stink if the features I was paying for worked as advertised. Be careful what you assume. -EM
  9. Could not disagree more EdH. I don't consider a boiler-plate/non-technical/non-helpfull response to a obvious coding bug a week and a half later, excellent. Even by Microsoft standards that's pretty much suck. They did this to themselves by releasing a product into the wild that had no business being there. Bugs of the stature that we have seen in this v8 release should have never made it out of the beta team. -EM
  10. Baby steps EdH, baby steps. One of these days Evernote will figure out their users are tjeir assets, not their liabilities. Hopefully, that's before they go bankrupt or bought-out at fire-sale pricing. -EM
  11. This is a problem that EN seems to be aware of. However, I gather from my discussions with the EN support team that this is a non-priority bug in v8. How a bug that is limited to only its top level paying subscribers is a non-priority I simply can't understand. -EM
  12. I one of the many EN iOS users that are highly disappointed with how EN iOS v8 was rolled out. I would expect these functional level of bugs in alphas and even rough betas, not not production code. The excuses your support team comes up with are somewhere between insulting and incompetent. For me personally, I have been forced to downgrade back to EN iOS v7 to have the basic functionality I need to do PDF annotations. I think I have half a dozen or so separate unresolved bug reports in with you technical team at the moment. Some of these bugs are major ones that have no user work-around (not b
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