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  1. Well any program has its limitations. I don't expect EN to function as an email client. It won't fold my laundry. I just have to overcome my laziness to type out a few letters. Thanx for the insights. I've learned a few things
  2. OK I dragged the author column open a bit further and there was the email address. But there is no way to copy it for pasting?
  3. Yes there is an author name in the list view. One down in this test. I may have to get folks to include their info in the body of the message. Very cumbersome.
  4. Thanx csihilling. Yes it would be great to get all the other important info. I am hoping to use the EV email in a contact form for a website so that folks interested in what the website offers can send their enquirers and we can pick it up on the fly in EV and add it to our work flow.
  5. I'm using version (274870) public
  6. I've sent from both yahoomail and gmx. The yahoo from the web and the gmx put through thunderbird on my end. In both cases I only get title and text... as in the following linked image: http://prntscr.com/6pmx15
  7. I've set up my default notebook as an inbox for forwarded emails. This works... except I only get the title and message, but not who it is from. Is there a way to pull the senders email address and name in with the message?
  8. With a premium account... If I preassmble a stack of notebooks am I able to share this as a stack... with editing rights?
  9. You indicate that they may have editing rights. Is this determined as a setting when the notebook is shared?
  10. I am still not clear on how many free users can edit a notebook that I would share. I'm only looking to have a working group of up to six. Two or three most likely including myself.
  11. If as a premium account holder I share a notebook with a free account user, do the tags I have created for that notebook become viewable and editable to the free user?
  12. Found this https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/74832-subscription-comparison-chart-limits-article/
  13. Thanx Mr. Does anyone know about number of free users that can have editing privleges on a premium notebook?
  14. Am I correct, if I purchase a premium account; that the shared notes and notebooks are editable by the person i choose to share them with? If so, are the notes and notebooks searchable by this person if they have a free account?
  15. Het Guys... thanx for the Dropbox info. That may be handy. Actually wordpress or the X theme I run with it has a sever gsallery for the images I upload. I was just hoping that the research I do in evernote which include web clippings of text, links and images could be dragged into wordpress as they have been formatted already to a great degree. I'm using the desktop version of Evernote. I thought there may be local data files that could be copied or dragged. But I was most impressed with the oriental characters when I did drag and drop. What is with that? Here is a screenshot on Lightshot http://prntscr.com/6hqr2e
  16. Hello Not sure if this would be the correct forum. I am developing a website. In this process I collect notes in Evernote, including images. I then attempt to drage these notes into Wordpress. Evernote and Wordpress allow me to drag and drop, but the result is a long list of Oriental characters ????? I could understand that I would not be allowed to drag and drop... but being allowed and being presented with Oriental characters is very confusing. Anyone?
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