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  1. Same thing happening to me! (I am on a Macbook Pro)
  2. I tried a few things and discovered this (I am on a Mac): When in the note, hit Command and Down Arrow - this takes you to the bottom. (It's that easy!)
  3. Like others I do a lot of writing and therefore cannot do bottom up. Very tedious to have to scroll (especially when moving back and forth between notes!). Please add quick way to get to bottom, or even better a preference to always go to bottom (I am a Mac and iOS user) Thanks!!
  4. gazumped-- The copy/paste did not work. But your response got me thinking....and I found a solution! I copied the Note Link into my own note; it works! Thanks for your help! Rona
  5. I can see where I can copy note to a notebook - but when I open the note from the notebook, it does not reflect new changes. In order to see changes I have to go back to the Chat - cumbersome! Any workarounds??
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