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  1. Hello, We are Evernote Business users for a year now. Top missing feature to use the app as a collaborative tool is the capacity to track changes (who has change what in a note) as well as the possibility to leave comments on specific parts of a note identifying the author of the comment. Is there any way to achieve this today in Evernote, are there any plans in the future ? Many thanks in advance
  2. Hello, We use Evernote Business for nearly a year now. We are a team of 5. From our experience, the two key missing features are : - the possibility to see who has changed what in a note i.e. a track changes option - the possibility to leave comments on a specific part of a note identifying the author of the comment and may be integrating this with workchat I would appreciate our views on this.
  3. I do agree with bdaelg32, tracking changes and leaving identified comments are must have for a real collaborative use of Evernote Business
  4. I agree. Seeing who has change what (tracking changes), leaving comment as an identified team member and showing workchat threads in a note are must have features for Evernote Business.
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