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  1. I tried to edit the exported file. It appears they come out in XML. The formatting is linked to every cell in the table - lots of work to reformat. I converted one file to HTML and tried to import it, however it Evernote reformatted the table on import. The reason I want the correct table is that I use the Evernote to collect data in a table format, then copy the table back into the office application. It seems that this would be a task that would be perfectly suited to an app like Evernote. One Note does this flawlessly, however it is cumbersome to use when compared to Evernote.
  2. HTML formatting would also be acceptable ... if I can edit it and insert styles, cell size, padding, etc. Is there any way to edit the default table?
  3. Attaching the table as a separate file winds up being easier with Dropbox. The convenience of EN was great when I could swap work between workstations without loosing formatting. Now, I have to start over when switching between workstations. In previous versions of EN, the built-in tables were formatted somewhat reasonably, however in this last build, the row height has increased to the point where the table is so tall, it is no longer useful. The row size is also not adjustable. Now, I have been experimenting again with OneNote. It is not a convenient as EN, but it does retain all the formatting when swapping between MS Office programs. This alone makes it worth the extra effort. I can only hope that the developers of EN could go back to the original build that did retain MS Office formatting. I still have some old notes where the tables are properly formatted, and they are still quite useful.
  4. To start, I have seen multiple strings about table formatting, however they all seem to end without a solution. When I started using Evernote several years ago, I could copy a table from Word or Excel into the note and it would retain the formatting. Since I use these tables between several computers, retaining the formatting is rather important. Now it seems that any formatting is removed and the default Evernote table is the only choice. Is there any way to get back the formatting? Or properly format a table manually?
  5. Unable to install the update, and cannot sign into the forum

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