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  1. I would like to hear what calendar app (mac, iPad & iPhone) I should switch to now that Sunrise is going away. I've searched long and hard and can't find anything that meets all of my needs. I'd like to settle on something that is integrated with EN. What are your plans?
  2. Restarting Safari did the trick. Unfortunately, in the process I lost the doc I had to save (It was a receipt I can't get back). Thanks for your help
  3. Update: I installed web clipper thinking it would be the quickest fix but when I click on the icon in my toolbar nothing happens with that either. A dropdown menu doesn't populate. Is is a setting on my computer that is preventing both of these tools from working?
  4. Sorry, I should have given more details. I'm not using web clipper. I used the icon on the menu bar at the very top of the screen (near the clock). I am using a mac iOS X Yosemite, I have a premium account. Is the easiest fix for this just installing web clipper?
  5. I am trying to save a receipt that I received online. I don't want to save the link but the actual page. I did this: To capture the entire desktop, simply click the elephant icon in the menubar and select "Clip Full Screen to Evernote". This will immediately grab whatever is on your desktop and add that image to a new note in Evernote in your default notebook. I heard the sound confirming the action but the page is nowhere to be found in my EN. Where did it go? Thanks for any suggestions!
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