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  1. v6.0.11 And sorry if asking for the development road map sounded impolite or rude... of course didn't mean to sound like this
  2. I'm not asking about the development road map from features perspective or the corporation strategy What I'm only saying is that I'm worried because I don't see major improvements that's all And as a user who trusts Evernote with my data yes I have the right I guess to ask because in case of no improvements then I will need to find alternatives I will contact @evernotehelps thanks.
  3. Hi, Is it me only or other people think that Evernote on Mac is very very sluggish ! Mainly I'm talking about how it scrolls and the overall performance For example take a look at the scrolling speed of Spotify and then get back to Evernote and test it again.. it doesn't look right (It's like other apps uses GPU for that but it uses the CPU maybe ?) I have: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with Yosemite 10.10.3 installed I also mentioned here that the left pane is useless but I'm not sure if anyone is really listening Also now after not seeing any changes for a while I'm a bit curious about the development road map of Evernote for Mac and if anyone is even aware of these issues To be honest I think that the whole Mac client needs to be rebuilt.
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