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  1. Onenote, of course...now it's free and doesn't have these kinds of bugs...still working on moving my data over. I've suffered for years with evernote not letting me do ctrl+F in encrypted notes, and now this data loss was the last drop...
  2. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Opened a note previously encrypted in Windows on a Mac. All information got completely erased! That note then synchronized across all devices. That note contained practically the most important information in my life that I entrusted Evernote to keep safe, and now it was gone just like that! Opened a support ticket, no answer from them, as usual. My only salvation was that I had one more Windows computer in another location that was turned off. I had to unplug it from the network, turn it on, back up the note contents, and create several backup notes with this information, and also backed it up to OneNote. Turned Internet on, and what do you think - the just-modified note got replaced again with the erased one! The only thing that saved me was the backup of my info in OneNote. Another constant bug in evernote that hasn't been fixed in years is searching in encrypted notes - as soon as I press ctrl+f, note re-encrypts! I created a support ticket for this, and guess what the reply was (reply took over 2 weeks!): "Matt W. (Evernote Support) Jan 05 19:23 Thank you for contacting Evernote support, we always welcome feedback and suggestions! While I cannot make any guarantees that this will be implemented, I can definitely pass this along to our development team as a suggested request! Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions! Regards, Matt W." This is a clear BUG, not a feature request! Not only is Evernote more buggy with each release, but the customer service doesn't care about us! This has been enough, I'm switching to Onenote.
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