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  1. I'm still using legacy of course. But I've been a beta tester. I've given my feedback. I've watched and waited. I found the beta unusable and so I was surprised when the beta testing ended and suddenly became the live version with the slowness and the resource hog problems intact. If it's still a beta product, why make it live with the problems inherent in beta projects? I think that's what has alarmed me, EN decided to go live with a product that was nowhere near usability. Everyone here saying, "Yeah, but legacy..." are recognizing it's not usable. I'm perfectly okay with using legacy and wa
  2. If it were a matter of features, yeah, sit back and watch and wait for features to be reincarnated. Trouble is, it is not just a matter of features. EN is slow. No getting around that. Some slowness is still workable as a tradeoff. I have a Yoga 11" that I carry with me almost everywhere. Eight gb of RAM and mostly adequate processor that gets me 6-7 hours of battery. I don't primarily use it for content creation. But taking onsite with all my notes for support solutions is invaluable. EN v. 6.25 uses 1-2% CPU and 154 mb RAM; EN v. 10 uses 92% CPU and 80-90% RAM. That's not a tradeoff. That's
  3. Hi. It seems to me that almost all of your posts on the Evernote forums are about how to leave Evernote. Ultimately, it is up to Evernote what to allow in their forums, but from one user to another, I’d like to ask you to stop posting about how to leave the app, because your point has already been made—there are other options out there. If you would like to use the other apps, we wish you the best of luck with them. The information you are posting seems genuinely helpful for other information workers, but please post about other apps in other forums. Thanks. I would think Evernote and EV
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