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  1. Yeah I'm still getting the slow typing too. At this point, I'm done. I'm switching to OneNote. I'm not going to pay for a text platform that doesn't have basic functionality.
  2. Just wanted to say that I've been having this problem for months, and nothing fixes it. Slow typing response after a few minutes of having a note open. Things like bulleting lists gets VERY slow. Closing/reopening alleviates it for a few minutes, but it always comes back. As does briefly looking at a different note. I'm so frustrated that I've looked into how to port my notes over to another program that doesn't have problems, but have put it off until I can get an assurance that the EN devs are working on this.
  3. Created a forum account to see if others were experiencing the same issue. Some things I've noticed with this problem: Temporarily fixes it if you switch between notes, you don't actually have to reboot EN for it to "reset" and not become laggy.Tying in bullets and adding indents become super slow after only a few minutes of typing.It definitely seems to be related to syncing or the undo cache.The thing that bothers me the most is that Evernote used to be such a perfect program, and these updates over the past year seem determined to make it an overinflated piece of junk. Come on, Evernote team, just fix this annoying typing problem and you won't lose paying customers. This is a text app. You can't not have a functional typing system and be considered a player.
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