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  1. Hi Michaelzapun, I am sorry to hear of this issue frustrating you. 3 years ago it frustrated me and there were similar responses to me on how to change my entire system to work around this Evernote limitation. So I sympathize with your situation. As I see this conversation continuing to this day, and although some folks may believe they are being helpful by suggesting you redo years of work and change your method of organization - I feel they are not understanding that each person's situation is different and the complexity of converting to the tag system is not always preferred or optimal. Bottom line is that this is not going to be fixed in your lifetime and there is little support within the Evernote cheerleading team to extend the notebook quantity. Luckily, there is a method (a free importer) to import Evernote into Onenote and it is offered on the Onenote website. My unsolicited advice is to not waste your time here being resisted, but to invest your time into the transfer.
  2. I guess about 3 years ago I reached my 250 limit by surprise since there was no warning that I was getting close and no way to check how many notebooks I have. The whole thing was a real time waster because of the glitch when finally figure out you have to delete notebooks, it doesn't sync and release more notebooks to you for awhile. Anyway, I remember proceeding here on the forum with long drawn out discussions about tags and how I must conform to tags or delete notebooks. See, the thing is, I like nesting. Nesting works for me. Tags?... meh. Fast forward to today and I was curious if this restrictive limit on notebooks has changed. Surely it has, right? But sadly, no. And, here I am reading the same requests over and over - and the same vague reasoning as to why we can't have more notebooks, and the same cheerleaders trying to rationalize why Evernote doesn't listen to their users. I would like to be officially counted as a user that wants more notebooks. Bottom line though , I would happily PAY for this product if my account could have unlimited or practically unlimited notebooks. I know the business plan says 10K, but the individual account limit of 250 remains, so the only way to have more notebooks is to open additional accounts. So, my 'workaround' was to go to OneNote. I can't really say I like it better. It's a horse of a different color and probably a bit too robust. Evernote has a simplicity that attracted me. I really wish I could have continued with Evernote with 251, 500, even 1000 notebooks if that's what I needed. And I wish that Evernote would have evolved to understand that long time users would by logic, need more than 250 notebooks. I will check back again in 3 years to see if this feature is updated for the 21st century. See ya later.
  3. Look, I thanked @gazumped and marked the item SOLVED, and stated the solution for others so they could try to get around the persistent sync error. And now OK, I'm sorry I replied to DutchPete - I should have just ignored his remark about suggesting I re-evaluate my organizing system to fit tags. I was probably 'over' reacting to the wasted hours I spent reading the scads of posts and comments and google items that I read about this topic ( dating back years) while trying to troubleshoot the sync error. That journey enlightened me to the repetitive 'usual' responses from the 'pro-tag' - 'get-over your notebook fetish' - 'our way or the highway' approach to those running into this 250 limit. My sync issue is solved. I don't like the 250 limitation. .....and I am outta this argument!
  4. We could all be more organized.... but tags are not the primordial goo that will make that happen - and trying to squeeze folks into the TAG only mentality when they are useful but counter intuitive to the time tested concept of nesting - be it called folders or notebooks or whatever - TAG dominance is not a 'user-friendly' approach for everyone. Honestly.... there are many other discussions about this notebook thing - and I can see they have gone on for years. Limited notebooks IS VERY MUCH an issue. why? because: TAGS and NOTEBOOKS are different both in the visual organization and functionality within Evernote. I don't care how many folders, notes, bookmarks, favorites, etc. etc. someone needs to use - so I don't presume to lecture them on how they need to 'revise' their organization system. Each user has their own unique business and each business may work more efficiently using one or mixed methods within their own business setting. I feel if Evernote built the program around 'notebooks' but now continually evangelizes tags, and lectures against using 'too many' notebooks, and places non-negotiable limits on the notebooks... well really, this is a clear indicator that their commitment to product flexibility was not clearly thought out and they have a resistance to evolving to meet consumer needs. Basic marketing strategy: unlimited notebooks is a feature that could be designated as 'premium' and ( I for one ) would opt-in to the upgrade.
  5. Solved - thank goodness. Solution below: To answer your questions: Windows. Previously, I did empty the trash after deleting the 10 notebooks. I also experienced a failure and crash report dialogue. Some of my desktop work was lost during this period because I closed the program and reopened in hopes of the sync eventually working. --- Thanks for the suggestion @gazumped. SOLUTION: I took your advice and did the additional manual deletion by going online, looking for the folders and RE-deleteing them. So, the issue with the sync occured ( pretty much immediately ) after I was notified of reaching the 250 folder limit and for some reason from that point on, the sync restriction was not lifted despite the fact that my desktop version reflected that 10 notebooks were deleted to a count of 240 notebooks --- In the meantime... and after intense googling of this topic outside of this forum; it is apparent this is a verifiable frustration and inconvenience for many EN users. FAIR WARNING to all who are approaching the 250 notebook limit... but.. wait Where can I find a count of my notebooks? Is there a statistics panel? How do I know I am getting close to the limit? It would be nice if there was a dialogue box warning at the 245 -249 notebook mark. It would be nice if you could hover the side panel notebook icon and it showed the number of notebooks active and remaining... such as: 235 active /15 remain. I would have gladly upgraded to Premium if the notebook count would advance to 'unlimited'. Meanwhile, I am going to take the advice I found from a blogger who recommends how to detour this experienece. They recommend exporting and deleting sets of notes ( as .enex files ) to my hard drive, and then reinstating them if needed... not a perfect solution as I lose my search ability for those notes, but better than going through all the troubleshooting and losing productivity. There are so many great things about Evernote... but by contrast, the good is offset by a fair amount of really inconvenient and stupid low functionality or feature-lacking flaws. My personal biased, and opinionated analysis is that Evernote is: 65% GREAT, 10% stupid, and 25% arrogantly resistant to being a fantastic product.
  6. Hello, Today I found out about the 250 notebook limit. I immediately thought... OK.. it's time to upgrade to premium, but come to find out this notebook limit also applies to premium accounts. That is ridiculous. So, despite this big push to use tags (which in my humble opinion is fine feature, but NOT a substitute for notebooks) I thought... the quickest 'fix' was to tidy up and delete some old notebooks. I deleted 10 notebooks. My sync icon now shows a red exclaimation error and upon clicking sync I receive a dialog box that states: "Sync failed because you have more than 250 synchronized notebooks. " " You have 240 synchronized notebooks. Please delete some of the synchronized notebooks and try again" Here is a screen shot: http://screencast.com/t/kaclu9j6i Now.. what do you recommend? Thanks dd
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