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  1. Look, I thanked @gazumped and marked the item SOLVED, and stated the solution for others so they could try to get around the persistent sync error. And now OK, I'm sorry I replied to DutchPete - I should have just ignored his remark about suggesting I re-evaluate my organizing system to fit tags. I was probably 'over' reacting to the wasted hours I spent reading the scads of posts and comments and google items that I read about this topic ( dating back years) while trying to troubleshoot the sync error. That journey enlightened me to the repetitive 'usual' responses from the 'pro-tag' - '
  2. We could all be more organized.... but tags are not the primordial goo that will make that happen - and trying to squeeze folks into the TAG only mentality when they are useful but counter intuitive to the time tested concept of nesting - be it called folders or notebooks or whatever - TAG dominance is not a 'user-friendly' approach for everyone. Honestly.... there are many other discussions about this notebook thing - and I can see they have gone on for years. Limited notebooks IS VERY MUCH an issue. why? because: TAGS and NOTEBOOKS are different both in the visual organization and fun
  3. Solved - thank goodness. Solution below: To answer your questions: Windows. Previously, I did empty the trash after deleting the 10 notebooks. I also experienced a failure and crash report dialogue. Some of my desktop work was lost during this period because I closed the program and reopened in hopes of the sync eventually working. --- Thanks for the suggestion @gazumped. SOLUTION: I took your advice and did the additional manual deletion by going online, looking for the folders and RE-deleteing them. So, the issue with the sync occured ( pretty much immediately ) after I was notified of
  4. Hello, Today I found out about the 250 notebook limit. I immediately thought... OK.. it's time to upgrade to premium, but come to find out this notebook limit also applies to premium accounts. That is ridiculous. So, despite this big push to use tags (which in my humble opinion is fine feature, but NOT a substitute for notebooks) I thought... the quickest 'fix' was to tidy up and delete some old notebooks. I deleted 10 notebooks. My sync icon now shows a red exclaimation error and upon clicking sync I receive a dialog box that states: "Sync failed because you have more than 250 synchro
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