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  1. I get the "one thing well" thing, I even visit onethingwell.org from time to time. What your not getting is good text editors have been around since the 1990s, this forum has a better text editor! EN already has a text editor, just a very bad one and they don't care to update it. EN could easily grab code from a free source but they haven't. It feel like EN would rather do some things good, some things okay, some thing poorly then experiment with bloatware their free time. Sorry for whining. Actually I've move to OneNote a couple months ago and love it. Just haven't gotten around to delete my
  2. +1 for Markdown support! Evernote devs, this would be a dream come true for you! You could ditch your mediocre rich text efforts and replace it with a python script that actually works.
  3. I wished it worked in Evernote as well as it worked on this forum. But seriously google found so many posts about my topic that I couldn't choose.
  4. So it's been a few years of asking, begging, complaining and and still text editing is still "an adventure". Example, I can't delete a center justified line without it quitting and even then it won't delete without deleting one of my bullets on the next line. I think it's time to realize that adding chart or some other *****/clutterware is more important to the team at EverNOTE than a reliable and predictable text editor.
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