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  1. Wow can’t even access basic support when you face a technical issue, what a joke. The least they could’ve done was make it clear on the page but that’s clearly asking too much of them.
  2. I tried to submit a request for a technical issue and as you can see attached it says "Please submit a ticket and provide as much information as possible so we can diagnose the problem." but no option to add that information and submit the ticket. Surely this is not only available to premium members?
  3. Not sure when this happened but probably after the iOS 14 update, when I click on Share > Save to Files > choose a folder and then try to share/save it, there are no options. The top line of the screen is white so I am assuming it is there somewhere? I pressed a few places and could only create a folder. Please help
  4. So this was posted OVER 2 years ago and it is still not on the iOS app??? For organised people tables look nicer so creating/editing them on the iOS app would be very helpful.
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