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  1. Well, the point is, people thought that those who were requesting this kind of functionality were somehow amiss. It is not all there yet, but it is a capability that is desired, nontheless, and EN seem to have acknowledged it with this add. Ultimately, it is up to EN to determine the "size" of that requirement and if there is business sense to implement it. The comments such as the quote from above in 2013 seem more aimed at shutting down the conversation than in helpfully digging deeper to the what and why. Maybe the intention wasn't meant that way, but it sure comes across
  2. "Why would anyone want to do that?" Funny how many naysayers there are. Googled how to reference in EN a document that exists on a cloud service and came across this thread, and also EN's January 2017 announcement of just such a service. Imagine that! https://evernote.com/google-drive/ Rather than some kludgy workaround, a nice integrated feature is provided by EN. Finally!
  3. Don't know if it was a recent Firefox update (to 50.0.2) or something else not obvious, but this has been happening to me too for a short while. Rather annoying having to log back in after exiting the browser and rentering it (immediately or hours later). Also noticed that an Evernote web quick clipper page usually (but not always!?) pops up (or tries to - sometimes a blank page appears, which I suspect is the EN one, since it sometimes is) when going back in to the browser. Thing is, I've been using the same set of addons for some time, without issue. Now, I can, and probably wil
  4. Agree. Would like Webclipper button to change to yellow (for example) or a green boundary around the page (another example) to indicate it has been selected. BTW, this requesst has been around for some time. I read somewhere that, as a workaround in Chrome, some have used EN with IFTTT to Diigo. Diigo has an indicator on it's menu button (red exclamation mark) - though it is not perfect (I use Diigo by itself and the indicator is not 100%). It gets low priority because, as I've read, the thinking is "so what?". It is just another entry in EN and a dupe can be deleted when found. Fo
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