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  1. Hey guys you may remember I was on before as my HTC one phone stopped it's notes app and I couldnt access it through evernotes but today I had another service update that provided me with the link again and so I downloaded evernotes app first then synced it across and walaa ..all my old files are avalible now ..hope this helps anyone still looking
  2. Oh thank you soo much ..Yes that would be fab if you could ..HTC said they would of told me to save my files first before the update but they didn't as it happened during the night and when I checked my phone the next morning it said I had received updates ..didn't mention notes app until I tried going into it and it said it no longer exsisted and files had been transfered to evernotes and to download the app to read them
  3. They said to contact ever note as that's where they went n if I can't see them then they are lost as the HTC notes is gone ..not much help really
  4. Can anyone tell me how to get the files that where exported from my HTC notes to evernote? I had a service update and after I auctioned it the HTC notes was no longer available and it stated my files where sent to evernote and to retrieve them I had to set up this app ..which I did but the notes aren't here? Is there something else I need to do to see them?
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