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  1. Reminds me of when star office/open office/ libre office refused to support Engineering Notation for years. So I switched to the MS office with the ribbon interface. And haven't gone back. Time to take another look at One Note
  2. I am going to reiterate what I said before. Evernote developers , do you know how lame it is not to have find with REPLACE? I want you to think back to any editor that you used and tell me the last time you encountered any editor that didn't have find and REPLACE? Can't think of one (besides Evernote Mac)? Me neither.. If I was a developer on Evernote's Mac team I would seriously question what I was doing there. And if the Mac product manager was working for me I would ask him the above question on their exit interview. Have I made myself clear?
  3. BTW This feature is on the PC version. I see several features on the Windows version that is not on the Mac version. This is beginning to sound like the debacle that went on for years at Intuit , that they had inferior versions of Mac products for years. I am tempted to see how/if the Windows version of Evernote works under Wine. Developers:HOW ABOUT JUST PORTING THE WINDOWS VERSION OF EVERNOTE?
  4. It is really not acceptable not to have Find and Replace. I've been using computers since the 70's ( The first one was a PC Board that I soldered from a kit), and ALL TEXT EDITORS had find and replace. That goes for ed on Unix, Edlin on MSDOS. And these were line oriented text editors . Line oriented editors pre-dated screen editors. And I am a business user no less. (I am currently rethinking that decision for next year). I suggest that the Evernote Developers drive cars that only turn to the right until this gets fixed. Who needs a steering that goes both ways anyway?
  5. Just to let you know I have switched to One Note from Evernote. In general I can't stand Microsoft products. However, I don't see the point of a note taking app/program that doesn't support Outlining. What is up with that? Most people vote with their feet. I am doing you the favor of why I am using a competitive product.
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