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  1. Wow, the new Web Beta UI blows monkey chunks! I was about to panic and try to find another resource when I saw BETA in the forum and figured out how to switch back. Minimalism is great for a living room. But is awful when overdone in an application that is supposed to be your transparent interface to a large store of information. Please do not force web users to suffer through a minimal UI designed for "clean" viewing on a smartphone. I have a 20" monitor and I want to fill my screen with as much information as possible in a user-friendly, quickly accessible manner. You have failed if I open Evernote Web and cannot get single click to at least the last 10 notes I accessed. When I open Evernote Web you should show me my notes! Show me the most recent notes. Offer me the option to default to the notes I use the most frequently (or make it a button). Here is the experience I suffered through on the Evernote Web Beta before I threw in the towel. Clicking on folders showed me my folders and allowed me to search, not for notes but only folders. Clicking on notes showed me my notes. But I could not search. Clicking on search then hit my notes. I felt like someone was playing a practical joke on me! Show me my notes by date as default. Mix in folders by creation date. Allow one search to search both notes and folders. Offer check-boxes or other UI elements to allow me to specify if I only want to search notes or only folders. Shane
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