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  1. I use Evernote to sync notes between my cell phone/tablet/computers and it happens more often that I want to edit/read existing new notes than creating new ones (shopping lists etc). When I log on Evernote at my computer I don't mind have the option to create new notes but I would like to have the option to open existing notes with as few clicks as possible. Per se the main part of the window after you have logged on is "occupied" by a blank/new note with some icons for notebooks and notes in a column at the left side. The way you have designed the new design there is no way of listing the notes and notebooks in the column at the left side. It would be better if you could choose if you have a new notebook or a list of notes (or notebooks) in the largest part of the window. If you choose the latter an icon for a new note could be easy accessible.
  2. When I log on to the new web beta a new notebook opens and is the default view. Is it possible to change the default view so I ie can list my notes instead?
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