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  1. Hi there, my target is to edit Evernote notes with a VIM editor on the ipad. My main question is, if anybody has managed to get this working and how. For further information: I heard about geeknote which enables this, but it is a command line client in Python. This works fine on my mac. As my Ipad is Jailbroken/Cydia runs on it, I'm able to install a terminal and Python. But the install script of geeknote gives several errors. I'm not mentioning them here because I think they will be endless, one solved next comes up. So if somebody has managed to get this working I would appreciate some recommendations. I think this maybe only working if somebody has made a geeknote Ipad package for Cydia or similar. Installing everything from hand - as I tried now - is as said a never ending story... As said my main issue is, that I want to edit Evernote notes with Vim on Ipad .... the way there, I don't care. Thanks for help!
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