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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I expected as much. But in Preferences/General, none of the four checkboxes are for relevant options.
  2. In my Evernote 6.11 for Mac, I don’t see a Tools item: my top-level menu items are File/Edit/View/Note/Format/Window/Help and in none of them do a find a Tools submenu. Where is it? Background: I use Evernote on two Macs. In one, at one point I was offered the option to view Notes in tabs within windows, and I’ve regretted it ever since. Now in Support, I can’t find how to disable this feature in support. Though I do find, for instance, advice pointing to places like: "Tools / Options / Note / New Note Options / Create new note in a new window" so I figure it's in the submenu I don't have. Thanks!
  3. Users have made many good points here, both pro and con. I agree it's unreasonable to expect Evernote to meet high-security needs. But the top of my wish list is some mechanism to make access a little hard for a family member or someone else who for any reason happens to get access to my computer or mobile device. Password-protected notes or notebooks would be ideal for me. I've seen some posters saying that just as they began to move more and more of their lives onto Evernote, this issue let them to stop using it! I haven't seen anyone from Evernote weigh in here. I've looked briefly online and don't see any company responses in news/event/reviews coverage. I'd love to hear about the thinking inside the company.
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