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  1. Hello! Evernote is quickly becoming essential for my research as I'm able to quickly take screen shots/pictures right from the quick note pop-down tab. I love how you can just click the tab and have your note right at hand without having to quit an application or go anywhere. The trouble starts when you click "save to evernote." The note gets dumped into the unsorted notes, often without a meaningful title making it difficult to locate and tedious to recompile back into one note. I've tried just working with the actual note open through the evernote app, but there is no easy way to toggle between programs/windows, no easy way to capture screen shots of work done in another program (The note window must be open and in front, blocking any screen capture attempt). So my questions are these: Is there a way to specify where to save the quick note? Is there a way to have the content of your quick note join an existing note? Is there a way to annotate images directly from the quick note task bar? Lastly, I've never been able to get the shortcut keys for screen capture to work on my mac, any advice? Thanks everyone!!
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