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  1. hm okay I see there's some debate on restore and using 3rd party with evernote I'm going to ask questions on both sides "The only true restore I have found is at Revert.io. They do a backup of changed Notes (of your Sync'd Notes in the EN Cloud) several times a day, and offer a true restore at the Note(s), Notebook, and account levels. I am using it now and still in the process of evaluation, but so far it looks very good. But this does NOT backup Local Notebooks." If it doesn't backup a local notebook how is it backing / linked up in the cloud? "Select all Notes Right-click and choose "Save Attachments . . ." Okay I didn't realize it was that easy to do, thought it had to be done 1 at a time Edit: Well it saved lots of things I didn't really want like images / screenshots. Really just wanted PDF attachments, excel sheets, etc From cshilling: "@daphoneix7207, Relative to your question, IMO, EXB and ENEX are both valid backup/archive strategies for synced and local notebooks. Restores can be problematic though, and EXB and ENEX backups have the some restore issues, amplified by the time since the backup/archive. From a simple archiving "just in case and not likely to be used" perspective EXB is probably best, quick and simple. --Okay I figured this would be sufficient 99% of the time For partial restores ENEX is easier since all you have to do is import the ENEX file, move the notes you want and then delete the imported notebook that was created. EXB is harder for partial restores since you you have to drop internet connectivity, move your EXBs around, export the notes you want from the backup EXB, re-swap your EXBs, import the notes you wanted, turn the internet back on. Not for the faint of heart for a few notes restore but definitely doable. --I guess I would run a partial restore if something important was permanently deleted or some tags weren't done correctly. I actually don't know what the difference between EXB, ENEX file types are For an unintended full restore, God forbid, it is often best to rebuild your database from the cloud and then import the ENEX backups of your local notebooks should you have any. Unless your EXB is so recent that you aren't concerned with any new note or updates loss. --So just use the evernote web version and import local files / manually enter in into evernote web, then download into windows evernote client? Local note links can/will get broken so a practice of minimizing local note links and keeping the link name the same as the note title can mitigate the pain. --Okay this is good to know, I imagine having the same name means I can just use "search titles" for notelinks if they break. Personally I do both, an EXB copy and ENEX's of all notebooks, taken at the same time. Then based upon the scale of the problem that might occur I have two paths to travel. A path not traveled at this point. FWIW. --I still don't know what ENEX vs. EXB's data does, but I'll regularly export notebooks and do a local backup. Then when everything goes bad at least the data will be there and I'll have to spend lots of time fixing it I'm dumping my local copies into dropbox if that matters. Probably doesn't though
  2. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22426-how-to-backup-your-windows-client-evernote-database/ okay I found it another follow up related question: How can I download all attachments into a single folder?
  3. So how do you do this I want a physical hard copy of all my evernote notes and attachments in an evernote readable format backed up onto my local hard drive exporting out notes just exports XML which is simply going to be text based notes, tags, among other things - but not attachments or how can i back my attachments up easily
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