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  1. Just to conclude, the ability to capture data from Outlook is part on my contract with EN for the Premium Subscription. Shall I consider this as a breach of contract?
  2. I agree that there are two majors flaws from the latest version of EN : I can no longer capture email and calendar items from Outlook 2016 (despite following the instructions provided by this site). My organization does not support the Microsoft App store (so I cannot load it on my work computer). This does not worked for my home computer neither on Office 365. The only way it works is with Outlook 365 on the Web, which I don't use. Frustrating. I cannot sync on demand my notes on my desktop application. This creates important errors and delays in my workflow that were not existing with the former version. With the latest version of EN there are allways delays on the sync of the data between the web server and my desktop app. Because of these flaws, I went back to the legacy version of EN. Please fix this ASAP, otherwise I may move to OneNote and stop my subscription to my Premium Account shortly.
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