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  1. I have had this problem for a few days now and it won't go away. I edit a note on my Galaxy A5 phone, add a few lines and hit save (green check), it says "Saving note...". In the overview screen, this note then shows a small white arrow within a green triangle in the upper right corner of that note, indicating I assume that it is uploading to the server. This however has not gone away for three days now. When I re-enter the note, it says "Opening note, please wait". Then after a few seconds it says "The note is currently unavailable." I have tried manual resync, restart device, all to no avail. My WiFi and Internet are working fine for all other apps on this device. If I wait several minutes before trying again, then it does open the note (I have Evernote set for local storage for this notebook). I can edit it, but when I save and exit the edit, it is still uploading or whatever. When I sync my Windows 10 Evernote, these new edits do not appear, so they are not on the server. I'm using Evernote Plus, so I am paying for this service. Aha - I just turned off WiFi on the phone and went back to LTE and presto, it worked! Turn WiFi back on, and the error happens again. Can anyone explain this? It's not just for a few seconds as noted in the above post, but seemingly forever. Thanks, Bob
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