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  1. Hi gazumped, thanks for the response. I've tried uninstall and re-install a few times with no success. Also, if i login to evernote through the webrowser beta version, then chat works fine and is in sync with my iphone app. I have frequent chats with a small number of people who have evernote, so no need for emails. I get direct chats on my iphone app, and this is how it worked on the desktop version when it first worked. I am a freebie user, so will send a bug report and hope someone else has experienced this and can provide a fix. I'm using Windows 8 on a MS Surface Pro 3. Thanks Rob
  2. Hi, I have Evernote on my iphone, and work chat works fine. But when using Windows Desktop app version, work chat does not work at all, i.e. i don't receive any messages (i can send), and it doesn't sync up with existing chats on my iphone. When i first downloaded the desktop version it did work, but a later re-install now means it doesn't. Any ideas?? Also, it would be great, once working, to be able to enable or disable chat notification pop ups, sometimes if presenting, it can be really bad to have a pop up showing a message not meant for general viewing. Thanks Rob
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