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  1. BUG Replacing Text in Table moves it outside of Table ▶︎ Steps to reproduce the behavior: a) add a new note add a 1x1 table (1 cell) c) add "Text" in this cell and format it bold d) select all content (cmd-A) and copy selection (cmd-C) e) place cursor at beginning of content f) insert clipboard (cmd-V) g) select "Text" in first table and copy selection (cmd-C) h) replace selection (cmd-V) ▶︎ Result: "Text" is now outside of table (before).
  2. BUG Backspace does not respect Cell boundaries in a Table ▶︎ Steps to reproduce the behavior: a) add a new note add a 1x1 table (1 cell) c) add "Text" in this cell d) place cursor on beginning of cell (before "Text") e) hit <backspace>-key ▶︎ Result: "Text" is now outside of table (before). With multiple cells in a table, "Text" will be moved to previous cell.
  3. And by the way ... The always visible note title and share bar at the top, does take up a lot of the precious space on my MacBook Air 11" display. I would love to have an option to turn this off.
  4. EN v6.9 does launch automatically when the computer starts, even if the option is turned off! I have tried turning the option on or off - it always launches automatically. (OS X 10.11.6 on a MacBook Air an MacBook Pro)
  5. I'm sorry my samples were not showing my problems :-( (I should have tested it better)Please see a new sample for Problem 1 below. Problem 1) Support Web-Links with Parameters (? and &) I do need to add links with parameters (Query string). Please add support for links in the format: http://www.test.com/?a=1&b=2&c=3 (I could only reproduce it with at least two & in the parameter list) Steps to reproduce the behavior: You need 2 Macs with the same synced EN-account to reproduce this behavior! 1) Insert Link on EN-Mac1 and save/sync note. (Link stays intact on EN-Mac1) 2) View Link on EN-Mac2 after sync. (Link is now Text-only on EN-Mac2) It's the same if you do it the other way round. (Insert on EN-Mac2 and View on EN-Mac1) Problem 2) Support Web-Links with changed Link-Name Right now, i'm not able to reproduce the problem :-(But i've seen it happening several times.I guess there must be something additional that leads to that problem.I have never seen the problem, when i use a Link Name such as "Link 1".It seems to happen only when the Link Name looks like an URL.
  6. Thanks for testing! I'm running El Capitan (10.11.3)
  7. Problems with Web-Links (EN Mac v6.5.0 and earlier) (filed as Support-Ticket #1470657) 1) Support Web-Links with Parameters (? and &) I do need to add links with parameters. Please add support for links in the format: http://www.test.com?ParameterA&ParamterB 2) Support Web-Links with changed Link-Name I would like to shorten long Links like the following example: Link URL: http://www.test.com/test1/test2/test3/test4/test5/test6/test7/test8/test/ Link Name: http://www.test.com/.../test/ At first this seems to work, but at some point while syncing to another Mac those links will be transformed to plain text. Will be transformed to: http://www.test.com/../test/ (plain text, not a link anymore) When i copy the link the link URL gets transformed to the link Name: Link URL: http://www.test.com/.../test/ (not the same URL as in the source) Link Name: http://www.test.com/.../test/ Please add support for changed Link-Names like the examples above.
  8. Bug Report: Spelling corrections in Note are not beeing saved correctly Reproduce the Bug: * Auto correction is disabled * type "overveiw" * right-click on the word to get spelling suggestions * select the correct spelling "overview" * save the Note (Cmd-S) * Note shows the correct spelling * now change to another note and then back to the initial Note ⇒ Note shows the previous "overveiw" instead of the corrected "overview" EN Mac 6.2, OS X 10.11.1, on two different Macbooks (Air + Pro)
  9. There currently isn't a way to disable the auto-format of numbered and bulleted lists... how is it breaking your formatting? I used to write my own lists with '* ' at the beginning. Now with 6.2 i do have to find another placeholder for my own lists or hit CMD-Z on every line :-( This is very annoying and i really don't see any benefit! I want to get rid of this "Auto-formatting" as it is getting into the way. +1 for removing "Auto-formatting" or at least being able to disable
  10. Thank you SoftwareMarcus! Yes, you're right, i totally agree with you - i'm desperately waiting for improved table support! And i'm very happy to read, that you're improving the evernote editor :-) Evernote is a great product, but in 2015 there were some hard times (which made me even think about a switch to another solution). I really hope the patience will pay off soon. Speaking of table support: Vertical alignment in table cells is a mixed experience in evernote. EN Mac shows table contents with top alignment, but the same table has centre alignment in EN iOS and when printing the note with EN Mac. I reported this issue to support several months ago, but they asked for my patience ;-) Can i hope now, that this issue will be solved soon? Mahalo
  11. +1 for password protected notebooks +1 for password protected notes +1 for password protected text including embedded pictures (jpg-screenshots)
  12. Hello caisner I did revert from v6.0.13 back to v6.0.11 on two Macs yesterday. It was a straightforward process with the help of the excellent instructions by JMichael. And the great thing of Evernote is, that all synced Notes are automatically downloaded. (which takes a moment, but you can work with Evernote in the meantime)
  13. @JMichael: Thank you very much for your detailed instructions and for helping out!
  14. @Marcus: It seems you're team ist still busy updating and preparing a new beta. Can you please give instructions how i can revert back to v6.0.11. It has been almost a month ago since v6.0.13 broke my workflows with the table-copy bug. This is urgent because v6.0.13 severely limits my use of Evernote which i really rely on! (Installing betas is not an option for me) Thank you very much!
  15. Unfortunately copying and pasting tables does appear to have broke in this release. It doesn't appear to occur if you create a table from scratch and copy and paste it but does for some reason on tables in existing notes. We're looking into this. @Evernote: Are you having any news when we get a fix for this really annoying table bug you introduced with 6.0.13? I can barely use Evernote since 2 weeks because i heavily rely on tables! Copying a table means i have to add a new table on the target note and then copy cell by cell manually :-(((
  16. @Evernote: Please read this post again: On Software Quality and Building a Better Evernote in 2014 (from CEO Phil Libin, written almost 1.5 years ago) https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/01/04/on-software-quality/ You promised us better Software Quality ...
  17. And another Bug with Tables has been introduced with 6.0.12/13. @Evernote: What would you recommend me to do as a Premium customer? Until now i did install new releases as soon as they were available, because they solved problems i was encountering. But it seems, that every release introduces some new bugs ... I can understand that this occasionally happens - but the last weeks and months seem to be like many small steps forward and backward ... And it do not get the impression that this situation is improving! I really like Evernote, but this is kind of an increasing frustration :-(
  18. Has been solved with 6.0.11! Thank you
  19. PLEASE Evernote-Team give us BETTER table editing! Table editing in Evernote for Mac is very limited and frustrating for daily use. CRITICAL Features:* Select entire Rows and Columns.* Rearrange (Copy / Paste) entire Rows and Columns in a table. (this is a real PAIN with a bigger table!)* Format selected Rows and Columns at the same time. (try to format an entire column with an identical background on lots of rows ...) Wishes:* Edit Default Cell Padding for all tables. (todays default takes a lot of space)* Would be great if tables could be defined like in HTML or Markup style.* Optionally define cell width as percentage value. Bugs:* <Backspace> does not work on an empty line in a table cell!* Cell width adjustment handle appears about 4mm to the left of cell border when using two screens and if note is longer and has a vertical slider!* No cell width adjustment possible on a copied table in the same note! (focus change to other note fixes this)* iOS: Vertical Cell Alignment in iOS-Apps should be top (not middle) like with Evernote Mac! Thank you for your efforts :-)
  20. Please change vertical cell alignment from middle to top as in Evernote Mac. Thank you very much!
  21. One more things when using tables: <Backspace> does not work on an empty line in table cells! You can reproduce it, by adding text in a cell, then hit <Enter> if you now hit <Backspace> the new line will not be removed!
  22. The same middle vertical cell alignment is used in the iOS Evernote-App. Evernote Team: Can you please change that to top alignment as well! Thanks a lot! Unfortunately this bug got into 6.0.7. It is already fixed in our internal version of the software that we have not released yet. If this is really annoying you I plan on releasing a beta shortly where this will be fixed. Thanks a lot :-) Good to know it will be fixed in the next release - no need for me to use a beta.
  23. The same middle vertical cell alignment is used in the iOS Evernote-App. Evernote Team: Can you please change that to top alignment as well! Thanks a lot!
  24. Table Cell Vertical Alignment changed! As of 6.0.7 the vertical cell alignment in tables has changed from top to middle. Is there any way i can change this back to top?
  25. I'm a frequent user of Evernote and like it because of it's simplicity. But table editing is a bit too minimalistic for making me happy.I would love to see improvements in the following areas. Critical Features:* Select entire Rows and Columns.* Copy and Paste entire Rows and Columns in same or different table. Nice to Have Features:* Show Cell Width as percentage while resizing them. (adjust width to the same size as in a different table)* Edit Default Cell Padding for all tables. (todays default takes a lot of space) Thanks a lot :-)
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