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  1. Thanks for the information. It wasn't anything I was doing wrong. Like I said before everyday I "sign out" and exit program. I turn off my PC.  Next morning I sign into the PC and start up Evernote and it auto logs you in. 


    This honestly should never happen. I don't care if you exit or sign off. It really doesn't matter. Evernote should always require a password unless otherwise setup by the User not by the company. Since it's my data. 


    Second, I looked at the encryption methods available and the fact that you can't encrypt the whole note or notebook is really a lot of fail. 


    In the age of data that gets stolen on daily basis, not that anyone is going to give 2 poops about what my data has, I would have to almost require that a company like Evernote adopted stricter encryption methods. 


    Anyway, I will in all likely hood stop using Evernote because of my encryption concerns and login problems. 


    Thanks for the help. This is my last post because of forum restrictions, so if I don't respond it's because of that.

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  2. An admin already pwns your box. You have no expectation of privacy on a work machine. That is your actual issue.


    You can protect yourself by not putting your personal stuff on a work machine. One way to do that is to have a separate Evernote account for work.


    This does not resolve my original question. And as I have stated previously, I have 2 accounts already. 


    So I pose the question once again:


    What setting in Evernote automatically logs you into Evernote when you launch the application?

  3. Is ti true that an admin can log into your account without you having given the password? I didn't think that that was true.


    Regardless, anyone with admin account can just go into your Evernote directory and read your unencrypted notes database and any other files you have. Disabling your auto-login wouldn't seem to give you much benefit.


    What you could do is to set up a separate work account, and only keep your work stuff in it. If you need to access work stuff from your personal account, then you can share notebooks to it. 


    An network administrative account can reset your network login to your PC and connect  to and view all of your files. 


    I do have separate accounts for work and personal, but when I logged in this morning my personal Evernote logged in automatically. When I launch Evernote I should see the login screen asking me for my password. This does not happen. I made sure not to check the Remember Me box, in fact I never use it. 


    This is my issue.

  4. I have performed searches on this topic. I couldn't find an answer so I will ask it here.


    When I launch the desktop icon in Windows (especially at work), it automatically logs me in to my account. Now seeing that I use this at work bothers me because anyone with an administrative account can access my desktop and can launch my Evernote and my account. This is an obvious privacy issue and I would love to turn off the auto login feature.  But I'm having a hard time finding where to turn it off. 


    Can someone please assist me by instructing me on how to turn off the auto login feature?



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