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  1. The original app was just labelled WTC Notes which came with the htc phone. I have called HTC and the suggested this forum route and they were not sure where or who was responsibility for the problem. 1) I don't know where the original Notes app stores the notes on the phone. 2) If the Evernote does not have an import facility for the phone then why does it tell you that the notes have been exported to my account. 3) every time I try to reactivate the old app, it says it is unavailable, your notes have been migrated to your Evernote account. You are probably right about the collaboration but what I object to is someone forcing me to store my information in some cloud app; and without prior notification to allow me to chose. During the upgrade, there were a series of tasks that were part of the upgrade to fix issues with the OS etc. My guess is that whomever is responsible for the upgrade would know what was done during that upgrade. So, who is responsible for upgrading the OS on android phones?
  2. Here is what happened. My phone updated to the new OS on Tuesday. After the update, I tried to get an important note from the basic note app that came with the phone and the pop up message on the phone said that the notes app was no longer available and that all of our notes were migrated to your Evernote account. At this juncture, we did NOT have an Evernote account. So what I did was to create an Evernote account and see if I could import the notes we had created from the old Notes app which might be still held in some sort of temporary file somewhere on the phone itself. I looked under file folders, and other folders on the phone but I could not determine where the old notes were held. I could not even see if Evernote has an import capability. All that said, basic Notes is all that we needed. We do not need all of the stuff that Evernote has to offer. As a software developer myself, and if I was doing this migration, I would have given the user a warning that the notes app will be discontinued as of a certain date and to save your notes in some sort of file folder, select a new notes app and import them.
  3. Yes jifito it is Evernote. I was so furious I just kept typing.
  4. My android phone upgraded today and as usual,another app dropped off the phone; notes being replaced by OneNote which is the worse piece of garbage I have ever seen. Not only did it not import my notes as I was forced to, so I have no idea,where they are now. If someone has had the similar issue and had a fix, let me know. As it stand now, I'm getting an iPhone!
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