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  1. I was all set to start scanning business cards via Evernote. Made sure all my settings were correct and then came to a realization it wasn't going to work or at least it appears that it won't work. I currently use an HP notebook running Windows 10. I use Outlook for email but my contacts are on my iPhone 6 backed up to iCloud. I like this because if I look up a contact and want to telephone them all I have to do is touch the number or the address if I want to use the GPS. The problem is that I can scan my cards using the Evernote camera and have them logged to my Outlook contact but I don't use Outlook for contacts so what I scanned wouldn't be in a usable location. If I don't scan to contacts and leave the cards in Evernote I gain the tagging ability but lose the dialing and GPS features I currently enjoy with iCloud and iPhone.

    Am I doing everything right or am I overlooking something that would let everything mesh in peace and tranquility? Perhaps there's a box I need to check or uncheck somewhere. Is anyone else experiencing the same delima or better yet, has anyone found a solution to the delima. I would sure appreciate the help if anyone has any.


    Dan Light

  2. I have EverNote installed on my iPhone 6 and I installed it on my desktop. Unfortunately, I am running out of room on my HP Stream Book and I need space. Can I install and run the desktop version of Evernote from a USB drive? I would appreciate anyone's help.

  3. I'm a solopreneur, a management consultant/business adviser, trying to use EN to my advantage. I can't seem to find the advantage everyone else raves about. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people offering training. Can anyone offer a source for gaining more knowledge or suggest ways to use EN in my line of work.

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