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  1. Thanks. It would have helped had I actually photoed a card rather than trying to type the information into a note.
  2. I was all set to start scanning business cards via Evernote. Made sure all my settings were correct and then came to a realization it wasn't going to work or at least it appears that it won't work. I currently use an HP notebook running Windows 10. I use Outlook for email but my contacts are on my iPhone 6 backed up to iCloud. I like this because if I look up a contact and want to telephone them all I have to do is touch the number or the address if I want to use the GPS. The problem is that I can scan my cards using the Evernote camera and have them logged to my Outlook contact but I don't use Outlook for contacts so what I scanned wouldn't be in a usable location. If I don't scan to contacts and leave the cards in Evernote I gain the tagging ability but lose the dialing and GPS features I currently enjoy with iCloud and iPhone. Am I doing everything right or am I overlooking something that would let everything mesh in peace and tranquility? Perhaps there's a box I need to check or uncheck somewhere. Is anyone else experiencing the same delima or better yet, has anyone found a solution to the delima. I would sure appreciate the help if anyone has any. Thanks, Dan Light
  3. Thanks for the reply. Perhaps you can tell me how to ask a question on the forum or how to get Outlook Clipper to work. Outlook says it's installed but trying to find it in order to move mail to an Evernote notebook is impossible.
  4. I did put Evernote on my USB drive and it did work.
  5. I have EverNote installed on my iPhone 6 and I installed it on my desktop. Unfortunately, I am running out of room on my HP Stream Book and I need space. Can I install and run the desktop version of Evernote from a USB drive? I would appreciate anyone's help.
  6. Thanks Julie Dionne. I'll keep fooling around with the product looking for the feature that unlocks the mystery. Like I said, people swear by EN there's probably something there.
  7. I'm looking for an Ambassador in the Northern Virginia area interested in doing some product training. Anybody out there?
  8. I'm a solopreneur, a management consultant/business adviser, trying to use EN to my advantage. I can't seem to find the advantage everyone else raves about. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people offering training. Can anyone offer a source for gaining more knowledge or suggest ways to use EN in my line of work.
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