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  1. This is my first time posting long time user. I've been an extremely heavy user of s notes on the Samsung devices. I have recently started using Evernote as someone recommended it as a unique way of syncing all of my notes. Little did I know I've managed to fall completely in love with this application. The one thing that I can't seem to replicate is when I share a image, clipping using Samsung's proprietary aoftware/SPen, choosing EverNote dies not allow me to specify a Notebook/Task/Note. It only allows me to choose a folder. In the samebturn, it creates a new note. Is there a way to MERGE the new note w/ an existing note or is there a way to choose the note to append/add it when sharing it to Evernote? All this is done on my mobile Android/Note 4 w/ Subscription to EverNote. Thanks in advance, John Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.
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